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Welcome to This is currently my little corner of the web where I primarily store images for  myself to link to on various forums and to make the available for friends and family.

Since you are here I figure you are either a friend or family member.... or took a very wrong turn somewhere on the information superhighway.  If you are a friend or family member congratulations on finding your way here. If you are lost might I suggest you take a look at that last turn you made back at Albuquerque?

 Regardless of how you ended up here, welcome.
Orcie in T1 armor. Wumba Tabbard Logo Kasey Keller
Ok great you are here, now what? Good question, this site really isn'r ready for guests yet.

Currently the site is a bit of a mess. I am working on updating it and cleaning up years of  more or less randomly dumped photos, videos, writings and other goodies that I have used online over the years.

For the moment the links on this page should get you to various directories full of semi-related content. As my rework... err... as my initial design comes together I hope to have the photos in proper galleries and other items properly presented. For now watch your step and I hope your shots are up to date. Good Luck!
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