Elspeth and Braz took a quick (1 Hour) whirlwind tour of the zoo. We took our cameras along and I thought I would share some of the pictures we took.
Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is small as far as zoos go but makes good use of limited resources.

Thinking back to when I was growing up, I remember this zoo was more of the classic cement and bars type of zoo so limited space was not a problem. The recent updates have been a push towards a more open and natural environment. Few would argue against this being a good thing.

The only two problems I noticed with these changes are the lack of space so everything is more crowded and the separation between humans and animals is minimal so almost every animal is behind glass, wire, chain link, or netting. This allows you to get closer to the animals then at most zoos but photography is ironically harder.

I'm not sure if anyone is interested. But just in case someone is, here are the pictures.

Zoo Entrance