Star Wars Galaxies

Long ago in this very galaxy there was once a very special game. This game allowed anyone that played it the ability to have their character live it's life however they wanted it to within the Star Wars universe. If a person wanted to have their character be a storm trooper and hunt rebel scum they could. If they wanted to be a survivalist and live off the land, hunting and camping, they could. If they wanted to be a musician, a dancer, or heck even a barber they could. Also if you changed your mind and wanted to do something else or get creative and pick and choose the best parts of different professions you could do that as well.  It was totally up to the player and for those that did not require a game locked on rails guiding them with set goals and missions this was an expierience like nothing that had come before.

Star Wars Galaxies strongest point, the thing that made it unique from all the cookie cutter games out there, was the fact that the game designers tried to keep out of the game. They provided us with an entire galaxy to play with, all the tools to do whatever we wanted, and said have fun. That was it, the whole idea behind Star Wars Galaxies, have fun living in the Star Wars universe. Thousands of people found that to be enough to keep them playing, and having fun, for over two years. Star Wars Galaxies was more of a life simulator than a game.

Unfortunately the vast majority of people that tried the game could not wrap their minds around such an open system.  They would sign in for the first time, look around, and say "Where do I go to get my first mission?" They could not understand that Star Wars Galaxies was not that kind of game.  They would eventually stumble through and find a mission terminal and get a destroy mission, which was just there to provide a method for getting credits into the universe not like traditional game missions, then they would get their rear ends handed to thesm by killer butterflies, drop the game and speak poorly of it.

The people that stuck with Star Wars Galaxies were a unique bunch. A vast majority of them enjoyed role playing. After all that is what the game required of the player. There was no way to win the game. Even becoming a Jedi was not winning it just opened another way to roleplay a new part.

I am going to come back to this later but for now I offer you THESE STORIES to entertain yourself with. They were written for a guild I belonged to called House Angeles. I hope you enjoy them.