Tuesday, February 22 2005 @ 02:30 AM EST

Greetings Command.

First I wish to apologize for my extended absence without leave. I was investigating the reports of these "storm kreetles" when I blacked out and only recently re-awakened. I gather about 6 months have passed since my last report. I can not explain what has happened all I can do is share some of the strange visions I have had as these might have been influenced by events surrounding my absence, although how this can be I do not know.

The first part of my visions that I can remember is waking up in Mos Eisley and feeling totally disorientated. A strange Twilek lady runs up to me claiming to be Elspeth (my wife) and she is happy to see me. Understandably I have a hard time believing her as Elspeth is a human and this lady was a worm head, talk about a bad casting job. Then to my horror I find that I too have head tails twitching out the sides of my head. Disgusting.

Planning to make a break for it I fall back on my fencer skills and grab the only weapon available to me, a survival knife. Much to my surprise I can barely hold the damn thing let alone execute any of the moves I have spent a lifetime perfecting.

"Elspeth" tells me to put the butter knife away and to grab my slitherhorn as we are needed in the cantina for something called "beer night." Being a former musician of some renown I figure what the hell and follow he to the Mos Eisley Cantina. Inside is a crowd the likes of which I had not seen in over a year, Twileks, Trandoshans, Wookiees, Humans, Mon Calamari, and Zabraks. There must have been 50 or more of them drinking laughing talking, mingling and everything else a gathering of so many beings brings about. Soon we join a small band and have the time of our lives. Turns out there was a galaxy famous chef giving away free food and drink in a weekly gathering that drew beings from all corners of the galaxy.

Before you know it "Elspeth" and I are soon a permanent fixture at these weekly gatherings and before long we are masters of all entertaining skills, even image design I seemed to have a knack for makeup. Eventually disturbances began happening around the galaxy and participation started to drop off. Eventually the gatherings became rare. But as it turned out this was only the beginnings of my weird visions.

Soon "Elspeth" became a pointy eared miniature human in strange garments and I was a human of all things. Fortunately my sword skills returned and with great timing as the small island we found ourselves on was being over-run with green skinned creatures that looked like a cross between humans and trandoshans. I helped repel the invasion and soon found myself taken by a strange craft that actually rode in the water to the mainland. Along the way a great winged Krayt (no kidding) Attacked this craft setting it partially ablaze. Luckily the Krayt soon lost interest and moved on and after killing one last green skinned halfbreed someone put out the flames and we made it to shore.

These people lacked even the most basic of technology, They rode not swift kaadu or powerful swoops, but strange four legged furry creatures that only the most proven of warriors could hope to attain. Frankly this land was quite uninteresting and depressing I was relieved when "Elspeth" and I returned to Tatooine.

Soon after our return we became CorSec pilots and after much effort became masters of space. We entertained regularly in our Yachts and my YT-1300. We were part of a great squadron of pilots that often assisted others with their most trying of tasks in space. Then.... I awoke back safe and sound a Trandoshan once more.

I have recently been out exploring the wilderness attempting to regain my warriors edge. I even assisted in a imp-hunting mission with several residents of Corsica but my skills are not yet back to what they should be. I have found though that my skills in a cockpit that I received from these visions has not deserted me and I am quickly becoming a pilot the rebellion can be proud of.

So in conclusion command I apologize for my lengthy absence but expect to make a full recovery and become not only a quality ground combatant but a pilot that can assist the rebellion in turning back the empire. Who knows I might even figure out what this funky little crystal does that the old man gave me way back when.

Proud To Be Returning To Duty,
Brazbit Zypher.