Thursday, July 22 2004 @ 09:31 PM EST

---===Holonet Journal Entry 586.4494GL==---

An unexpected discovery was made today on the infamous moon Yavin IV, Grand Moff Tarkin was found alive. An Imperial scouting party was scouring a north western quadrant of Yavin IV's largest island looking for stranded Imperial soldiers, civilians and salvageable components of the short lived Death Star.

As many of you will remember the Death Star was the single most expensive public works project in the history of the Empire. The vast sums of money spent on the construction of the Death Star were reportedly going to be recouped in an astounding 18 months by the unsurpassed mining potential of this enormous space station/mining rig. Unfortunately before the Death Star could perform the first of its scheduled test runs Rebel Forces somehow destroyed the planet Alderaan. And in an incredible stroke of bad luck the Death Star itself was destroyed by a malfunction in the primary drilling laser's power core as it attempted it second scheduled test on the moon Yavin IV.

Tens of thousands of loyal imperial citizens were killed in this disaster. Believed to be among them was the widely regarded military hero Grand Moff Tarkin. Astoundingly he was found to be alive after being nursed back to health by a pack of Maimen, a native semi-sentient species of Yavin IV.

Apparently Grand Moff Tarkin was put onto a waiting shuttle just moments before the power core imploded on the Death Star by an imperial Major who showed an incredible foresight apparently sensing something wrong with the station and evacuating the Grand Moff from the Death Star just moments before the demise of the station. Unfortunately this incredibly clairvoyant Major did not join Tarkin on the shuttle and is believed to have been lost in the Death Star's destruction.

The Grand Moff's shuttle was disabled due to its proximity to the disaster and plummeted into Yavin IV out of control. Remarkably Tarkin survived the crash. Beaten bloody and on the verge of death Tarkin dragged himself out of the shuttle and onto a nearby beach where he believed he would die. He lost consciousness and when he awoke he was staring into the Simeon face of a Female Maimen.

Horrified by the hideous creature's appearance the Moff was sure once again certain he would die, but much to his surprise the creature not only watched over him but brought him food and water until he was strong enough to move about on his own.

Once he had regained sufficient mobility the Female Maimen taught him what plants were safe to eat, where to find fresh water and how to hide from the many dangerous creatures on Yavin IV. The two hunted together, protected each other and soon became, for lack of a better word, mates.

Grand Moff Tarkin has decided not to rejoin modern society claiming " I have found a peace the like of which I have never found on any of the numerous planets I have visited." Reluctantly the scouting party respected his wishes and left him and the Female Maimen, Which he has taken to calling Annie for some unknown reason, alone to live their primitive lifestyle.

Since Grand Moff Tarkin is a commissioned officer in the Imperial forces it remains to be seen if Emperor Palpatine will call him back to active duty, however given the Empire's dislike for beings who have mated outside their own species this seems unlikely.

We wish the happy couple well.

Ydoncha Bightme
Holonet Journal
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