Thursday, February 24 2005 @ 05:13 PM EST

---===Holonet Journal Entry 587.1138GL==---

Reports are comming in from throught the Galaxy that the Galactic Civil War has had a sudden increase in intensity. Millions of combatants have suddenly come off leave status and rejoined the fight for control of the galaxy.

"If we keep up this new ferocity in fighting soon planets everywhere will be covered in downed fights, bombers, even Mighty ATATs are beginning to litter the country side." said ecologist Ivan Tahuggatrie.

Responding to all the violence planetary militia such as CorSec and RSF have sent out large patrols to investigate disturbances. Large formations of these troops have been spotted on many planets.

For some reason all the fighting has lead to an upsurge in thrill seaking and gambling. Impormptu race courses are popping up everywhere and droids have been spotted taking bets. Perhaps the Galactic underground is taking advantage of the militaries shifted priorities to take their dealings out of the shadows and into a more lucrative public marketplace.

Factional recruiters are showing up in the most unlikely places trying to lure neutral civilians into the battle and feed the ever hungry war machine.

Unauthorized landings are happening on all planets as people are using emergancy beackons to call unsuspecting craft out of orbit and approved skylanes. So far no one has been hurt but these pranks can only lead to public safety issues.

On a more relaxing note So Nea Electronics has released a new personal Jukebox system that will allow people to fill their homes and malls with music. Among the music selections that come standard in each unit are ballads, mood music, rock, and the favorite of scum and villany the Cantina Band Song, "We hope our new music system will help make the galaxy a more relaxed and friendlier place to live." Gotagit Akloo, a So Nea representative said.

Reports of Imperial Harrasment in many cantinas can not be confirmed at this time.

Reporting from Theed this is Gottamyke Tocksalot saying good night and stay tuned in for a very special "My Mother The Swoop."