Tuesday, July 27 2004 @ 09:12 PM EST

---===Holonet Journal Entry 586.9625GL==---

Today marked the debut of the latest addition to the Imperial Armed Forces. As many of you are aware there has been much debate about the need for cheep expendable ground troops since cloning is now illegal.

So after years of research and development, and millions of credits Dr. Toto Lewne presented the Storm Kreetles. Yes you heard right folks I said Storm Kreetles.

For those of you unfamiliar with the kreetle here are several of their key traits:

1. They reproduce at the prodigious rate of 10,000 kreetles per year per breeding pair.

2. They are fearless and will attack any target overwhelming even the mighty Krayt Dragons of Tatooine through sheer numbers.

3. With a little white paint and a black insignia they are now imperial soldiers.

Apparently the plan is for remote units to patrol in a large APC full of trained (ok painted) kreetles. Each APC requires two troopers to operate and can carry 3000 kreetles and two Over Kreetles. Over Kreetles are larger versions of the standard kreetle, they coordinate the efforts of the others. If the troopers happen upon a dangerous situation and they require backup they can send a radio signal to the APC which will open its blast door and disgorge the Storm Kreetles. Ideally this will allow two humans to conduct patrols where currently an 18 Storm Trooper Scouting Party is required. Thusly freeing up millions of troopers for duty in areas of more strategic value.

The first Storm Keetle patrols will begin to see duty on Tatooine by fall. Once fully operational expect to see Storm Kreetle patrols on all minor outer rim planets.

Gitmi Bugbalm
Holonet Journal
Tatooine Military Columnist