Monday, July 26 2004 @ 10:24 PM EST

---===Holonet Journal Entry 586.8884GL==---

The latest rage to hit the streets and council chambers on Coruscant is the bottled Talusian water sold under the name Talywa by Nakka Corp. You have all seen the commercials and heard the claims that Talywa will enhance your life, and endow you with higher potency.

Apparently Nakka Corp. was not prepared for the effectiveness of their own adds and has been hard pressed to provide even a daily supply of their in demand product. Much like last year's stuffed "Shuppa the CuPa" shortage this has led to the occasional fist fight in stores as their shelves empty before demand does.

Some stores have gone as far as paying various swoop gangs to help keep patrons from becoming unruly. There have even been reports of a growing black market for Talywa.

One enterprising shopkeeper in the Dulag district on the 4th level of the under-city had the brilliant idea of stockpiling a huge supply of Talywa and selling it for the actual MSRP as a grand opening gimmick. His plan worked, he definitely brought attention to his store, as millions of beings attempted to purchase the hard to find Talywa. Soon tempers ran as short as the supplies and pushing and shoving matches broke out.

Before long a full fledged riot broke out and the store was demolished. Rioters then proceeded to destroy many businesses in a 5 miles swath of destruction before rioters were dispersed by Imperial Storm Troopers.

Ironically investigators have discovered that Talywa is nothing more than the generic "Water From Talus," that has been available on Coruscant store shelves for generations, in a new container and with an unhealthy dose of false advertising.

Imperial Intelligence is currently on the hunt for the head of Nakka Corp, one Ratbas T, Ardz. They assure us that he will be brought to justice. All assets of Nakka Corp. have been siezed by the Empire and will be used to offset recent expenditures in dealing with the growing rebellion.

Wettee Shurt
Holonet Journal
Coruscant Tribune Reporter