This collection of short stories and random ramblings was written for the forums on www.HouseAngeles.com the homepage of the Player Association that Brazbit Zypher is a member of on the Naritus server in Star Wars Galaxies.

Holonet Transmission Proves To Be False Dwarf Nunas Are No Longer Public Enemy #1

The Dark Lord's Deepest Secrets Revealed

Imperial Navy Donates Newest Star Destroyer To Rebellion

Grand Moff Tarkin Found

Holonet Journal Special Report - Mythical Creature Found

Imperial Armed Forces Blotter Services

Newest Troops For The Imperial Armed Forces Introduced

Emporer Palpatine's Naboo Retreat Without Power

Talusian Water Shortage Causes Riots In Coruscant Streets

Brazbit Zypher Reporting In To House Angeles Command

Nearly Naked Man Streaks Corsica

Happenings Around The Galaxy - With Gottamyke Talksalot

Stormtrooper Discussions