A Wookiee walks into a cantina and sees a Trandoshan musician is performing.

The Wookiee walks over to the Trandoshan and says "Awoorooo Raorowoo?"

Confused the Trandoshan replies "Hissik isksssks hisskiss?"

Frustrated the Wookiee restates "Awoorooo Raorowoo?"

Still not understanding the Trandoshan turns to a Mon Calimari and asks "Hissiki isksssii isskisk?"

Totally intimidated by the two giants the little fish says to both of them "Blurrrrb blubbb blurr blurrbb!"

At this point the Wookiee lets out a mighty roar of fraustration, grabs the Trandoshan's Mandoviol and beats both the lizard and the fish into pulp.

As the Wookiee leaves the cantina a Twi'lek in a corner booth shakes his head and communitcates with his companion in a form of body language nobody else can understand "Noobs."